Our Therapies

NST Bowen Therapy

A soft tissue release therapy often helps tensions and restrictions throughout the body and helping to re-align and reduce aches, pains and ailments – clients are often surprised at just how relaxing and deeply powerful this remedial treatment is.  Performed lying down or seated and through light loose clothing.  Suitable for all ages and many levels of health and fitness. 

Usui Reiki

A blissful energy healing treatment – may help deep relaxation and stress management, improving energy levels, quality of sleep and sharpening focus too.  Performed lying down or seated and through clothing.  Suitable for all ages and many levels of health and fitness.

Full Body Raynor Massage

Remedial full body deep tissue massage technique – designed to release tensions throughout the body - including head, face, hands and feet too.  Relaxing, powerful and thorough treatment.

Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian massage technique including massage to scalp, face, neck shoulders, upper back and upper arms – often helps relieve tensions and encourages deep relaxation, sharpen focus and improve sleep.  Usually performed seated or lying down on treatment couch using oils to the skin.  Optional Extra:  Reiki healing for an additional charge. 

Hopi Ear Candling

A deeply relaxing therapy often helping manage headaches, migraines, sinus/hayfever issues, earwax blockages and glue ear – it also has roots in spiritual cleansing and re-balancing too.  Luxury treatment includes full facial encouraging lymphatic drainage.  Optional extra:  Reiki for additional charge.

Relaxation Technique

Guided relaxation session set in a relaxing comfortable environment with essential oils burning in the background. A session to help gain a sense of inner peace and calm.  Available for small groups or on a one to one basis.

"I'd forgotten how good this feels - it's lovely"  Mrs B - returning for a top-up.