About Me

I was first came across Bowen Therapy after my husband visited his GP with a long standing neck problem. His GP suggested that he try Bowen as an alternative to pain killers. We were both impressed and quite frankly amazed at the speed, gentle nature and power of this wonderful therapy which at that time we'd never heard of.  

This experience sewed the seed for me to learn more about Bowen therapy and my enthusiasm and wish to learn more has increased as time has gone on.  Along with this experience, my own 'getting older' and leading a stressful working life which impacted on all areas of life - was the beginning of my real passion for holistic therapies and realising I wanted to live a healthier and more balanced life. 

After many years in customer service focused roles, I offer a professional, personalised and friendly service, taking time to understand each client's own unique health and wellbeing concerns and needs.

"Thanks for the treatment yesterday!  I've got much better mobility in my knees - the straighten out like a normal person!"  Mr A, following one Bowen therapy session.

"She is great!  Has helped reduce the pain and swelling in my knees whilst I have been waiting for a knee replacement"  Jacquie S, aged 59 years.